I live in Tilburg (The Netherlands) At the end of the eighties I started taking classes in model drawing. Instructors were Werner Moonen and Paul van Dongen. The latter stopped teaching in 2002 but his students continued and we draw every Friday till this day. The thing I like most is to do drawings in pencil charcoal and 'washed- ink (sepia). At the Friday night club I draw nude models ( M/F). You'll find a few of the hundreds of drawings at this site. On sunny days (some clouds are welcome though) you can find me at the sea- or riverside. From time to time I make oil or acrylic paintings based on my sketches with pencil. I work in a traditional way with rather traditional subjects. Craftsmanship is combined with some experiments in techniques. I will continue to follow that unknown path. If you have questions don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. I appreciate your questions and comments.